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Tony Milone

The Incredible Egg

The Egg is a symbol to many different cultures to mean life, creation or resurrection.  But like the infinite possibilities of its use, The Egg has come to represent so much more.  My list below sums up things I have grown to appreciate it for.  Maybe I’ll expand with a short story explaining each in the future but for now you can come up with your own interpretation of the meaning. 

I look forward to your thoughts and possibly what The Egg might symbolize for you. 

(Or maybe I’m the only one who thinks like this)

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Eat Outside The Box

Recently I found myself back in the town of my alma mater, Bloomsburg University.  I left here with a lot of great memories and experiences, many of which I would like to relive.  But I find myself re-imagining the times and memories of one place that apparently had a huge impact on me. 

Bloomin’ Bagels was a breakfast and lunch venue with two locations, one on either side of town, so it was always easily accessible.  Because of my love for bagels I would eat here for breakfast, and many times lunch, everyday for months at a time.  My roommate and I even developed a routine by the third year; whoever had the earlier class that day would stop on their way home to pick up the other a bagel sandwich.  I think he caught on to my 6pm class schedule when I began to wake up to the ham egg and cheeses bouncing off my forehead mid snore.  Bloomin’ Bagels was my meal plan.

However, because of this routine I eventually stopped thinking about what to order and systematically got the same thing almost every time.  The most common being ham or sausage, egg, and cheese on a cinnamon raisin or everything bagel; this was my comfort zone.  I don’t think I even looked at the menu for years.  My bagel selection became a habit!

Late in my senior year I made an effort to always try something new.  To break out of my ‘comfort zone’ in hopes to discover something new, maybe even something exciting.

So, as simple as it may sound, the next time I ventured into Bloomin’ Bagel I looked at the menu.  There, in big bold print, in front of my face every day was Steak Sandwiches.  So I asked for one with egg on it.  The steak was piled high and so juicy that it baffled me how I missed out on this sandwich for so long.  For years I overlooked this delectable treat because of my thoughtless habit. 

Six years after graduating, now back in Bloomsburg, and the only thing I can think about is this steak sandwich. The anticipation was killing me.  I was so excited I actually got nervous and started to s-s-s-stutter as I ordered it! 

But finally………

The Steak Egg and Cheese

So delicious, to the last bite, just how I remembered it.  


Now you know I wasn’t leaving here without getting one for the road, but I wanted to maintain the spirit of trying something new.

Wouldn’t you know it; right above the Steak listed Hot Pastrami!

“Pastrami and egg sandwich, please?” I asked the sweet lady.

“Hot pastrami?” She replied.

“Yes, please,” I said politely

“Would you like Swiss cheese with that?”


“Fried onions?”


“Spicy mustard?”


“On a bagel?”  (Did she just ask me that?)

“Of course,” I smiled to her, “Everything bagel, please. Oh and can you put a slice of tomato on that?”


The Hot Pastrami, Egg, Swiss Cheese, Tomato, Fried Onion, and Spicy Mustard on an Everything Bagel!!!!!!

(Does this excite you as much as it does me?)


As human beings we are creatures of habit. There is comfort and efficiency with our repetitive actions.  We are attracted to the certainty of knowing exactly what we’re going to get, where we’re going, or where things are.  For better or worse, this is what drives our habitual actions which become second nature over time.  Ever arrive at work and think back during your commute, but not remember taking that turn or driving down that road?  We are not engaged in these actions and as a result we fail to notice the world around us. 

Here is my challenge to you.  Look at your daily habits and consider breaking out of your comfort zone.  Ask yourself when the last time was that you tried something different.  Try getting coffee at the local shop instead of Wawa or Starbucks.  Or maybe it’s as simple as saying “Yes” when somebody asks if you want to do something.  Suck it up and go outside in the pouring summer rain instead of hiding indoors (but don’t get struck by lighting).  You’ll be surprised to discover how exhilarating this is. 

If I go to restaurant and have never had an item on their menu, you better bet that is exactly what I’m going to get.  A family friend of mine always said “variety is the spice of life.”  Find your Pastrami Sandwich!

Email me at breakfastjones@ymail.com or comment below and tell me about your experience, no matter how big or small.

Crush the Brunch

Back to where it all began, we took the trip up to Massapequa NY to visit family.  This is the town of Long Island my father was raised along with other notable celebrities such as Jerry Seinfeld, Kim Basinger and the Baldwin Brothers.  Many restaurants in the area are likely to have signed photos of these characters all over their walls.  Well except for my father……Ralph Milone just hasn’t hit the main stream yet I guess.  I love coming up here to, of course, visit my father but also to get some fresh NY style Bagels.  They just don’t make bagels anywhere else like they do here.  They say it’s something in the water, which may explain more than just good bagels, pizza too maybe?

So I was pretty much set on writing this blog about the bagels, but when the idea of Brunch was put on the table it quickly peaked my interest.   I figured with all these celebrities and the masses of tourist they bring in each year there’s got to be a note worthy Brunch venue in town.  Not the case.

So after some Yelp and Google research, Badda Bing!  We found a venue a few towns over; The Black Forest Brew Haus was the best deal and looked the most appetizing on the website.  The 2 drink options of either Mimosas or Bloody Marys included with the meal and free kids under 4 help put it over the top of the others.  They obviously didn’t know my 1-year-old could eat like a champ!

Entering the front doors it felt like a large 1900 century tavern.  It’s long bar top was covered in an assortment of foods from the front to the back of the building where we were seated.  Some of the mentionable items included shrimp, lox, feta and spinach egg casserole, and captain crunch crusted chicken, along with your traditional entrée items  of scrabbled eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries, and all the pies, breads, and waffles you can dream up.

Now brunch is a funny thing, everybody has their own technique or personality on what to eat and their rate of consumption.  Some act out of habit while others intend to maximize their value and get their money’s worth.  I’ve characterized this into the combination of 2 out of 4 personality traits.  Assuming the purpose of going to a brunch is to eat as much as you can, the 4 personalities include:

The Dude

A theory of many buffet goers is this, if they take it slow they will be able to digest easier and therefore eat more.  They take their time deciding what to eat and sip on their coffee between plates.  The Dude will buffet it long after everyone else is ready to nap.

Speedy Gonzales

This person moves from the breakfast bar to the table and back faster than most people decide whether to put strawberries or blueberries on their waffle.  In their desire to eat as much as they can as fast as they can, The Speedy Gonzales is likely planning what they will have next before chow’n down on what’s already on their plate.  They eat with purpose and are not likely to converse with others until finished. 

The Carbinator

These individuals love their breads and sweets transitioning from waffles, to muffins, to French toast, to pancakes and usually top it all off with ice cream or pie.  I don’t believe that any brunch is complete without a big Belgian waffle topped with fruit, ice cream, cool whip and chocolate and/or maple syrup.  While most everyone else goes into a food-coma The Carbinator is jack up on their sugar rush.  They’re good to have around when there’s small kids to watch (who are probably also on a sugar rush).

Bloody Tiger

These ferocious carnivores are inclined to eating the pricier and more protein enriched foods.  They devour plates of peel-and-eat shrimp, smoked salmon, chicken cordon blue, and meats from the carving station and get seconds and thirds of made-to-order omelets, crispy bacon, and sausage links.  It doesn’t take long before they have peace of mind knowing they just got the better of their host.  Heck, my consumption of lox on toasted pumpernickel bread with cream cheese and onion must have been $20 worth alone.  

Where are you in this personality chart?  Are you a Tiger Dude or a Speedy Carbinator? What other personalities or techniques have you noticed?


The technique most likely to maximize value would be that in quadrant III, or the Speedy Tigers.  Eating protein enriched foods that don’t make you feel bloated and at a quick rate so your brain doesn’t register that you’re full. 

Although I don’t recommend eating so fast that you bypass the taste buds, eating quickly will allow you to consume more.  A recent Tweet by Dave Zinczenko Editor and Chief of Men’s Health stated this EAT RIGHT RULE: Stretch out your meal to 30 minutes to signal fullness & reduce calorie intake by 10%.  So logic would tell us that if we ate faster we would be able to increase our calorie intake and enjoy more food!

Harness this technique and you will likely be able eat larger amounts of the more expensive foods and definitely get your money’s worth. 

My personal technique – If there is something that I have not tried before I eat that first, followed by plate after plate of omelets, shrimp, and lox sandwiches.  I do love potatoes so I’ll have a small helping of their rendition of home fries.  It’s important to note that I try not to drink anything but a few sips of coffee, liquids will just fill you up.  Just when I think one more plate will put me over the top I load up a hot waffle with all the sweets available, whipped cream, and a cherry on top!


How many times have you said you were going to start eating better just to find your face stuffed with sticky buns?  It’s nice to know I’m not the only one, but it’s not our fault.  Sometimes the temptation of what we’ve sworn off is too much to bear.  But here are two techniques that I use to help me follow through with my New Years/March/Memorial Day/6 Month/Post Thanksgiving resolution. 

In order to follow through with our pledge to be better we must first COMMIT to the goal.  To commit we must decide and then constantly remind ourselves, by any means, why we are doing it.

I have a tough time doing things in moderation; I’m either all in or not at all.  I wanted to eat less meat, so I gave it up for a year.  I wanted to get my degree and play a sport in college, so I did 2 of each.  I wanted to figure out how to use social media, so I started a blog.  In order to do these things I have to make a commitment to myself to reach my goal which starts with the decision and is followed up with post it notes on my forehead.  So if I just say “well let’s try to eat better” I’m doomed to fail. 

The other technique is to eliminate (at least drastically limit) the temptation.

I’m notorious for giving away or throwing out pie, cake, candy and whatever else turns me into the Pillsbury dough boy.  Eliminating the temptation helps the will power.

One day, while on one of my half-assed diets (but doing well), a co-worker decided he was going to show his gratitude and reward our hard work by bringing in sticky buns. I was pissed! Why would somebody do this? ‘Great job Tony, run another 10 miles.’ How is that a reward?! I cursed him (he knows my diet and exercise regimen) and told him I wasn’t going to have any as he set it down behind me. The whole office proceeded to stuff face of the Fritz’s proclaimed “Best Sticky Buns” three feet from my nose.  Temptation? It didn’t take long before I caved and in typical Tony fashion (all in) I didn’t stop at the first half slice I initially cut for myself. There were, after all, two different kinds and I couldn’t let good food go to waste, right? 

How does somebody voluntarily inhale gloriously glazed, rich cream topped, cinnamon deliciousness while cursing the person who delivered them? ………….With a full mouth and sticky fingers.

Lack of commitment?  Yes.  Too much temptation?  Definitely.

Cheating never tasted so good  –  www.beststickybuns.com

What’s your favorite sweet temptation? And where can I go to get it?

Columbine Café – Off the Beaten Path

This will be the finale Breakfast Blog from Colorado. Our time here was well spent and I anticipate coming back very soon to indulge in everything great this beautiful place has to offer. Maybe you can come and join us in the fun.

So our finale breakfast, I would have to say, topped my list. About 10 minutes south of Frisco lays Breckenridge CO a cool town about a mile long filled with stores and restaurants sure to meet anyone’s delight. The town sits right at the base of a huge ski (in our case snowboarding) mountain with several very high peaks reaching over 10,000 feet above sea level. I’m always amazed how dominating the presence of these mountains are and how in just a few short chairlifts I’ll be at the top ready to jump off the peak.

BUT FIRST!!!! Of course we got to fill up the tank. Today we attempted to eat at the Salt Water Creek and I had already planned what I was to get – steak and eggs fit for a king. Too bad when we got there the heat was broken and we had to move on. Or not too bad………Columbine Café, right down the road and back in the ally at the sign.

Needless to say I was now totally thrown off and couldn’t decide what I wanted. I was really looking forward to that steak. So I opted for the next best thing, C.B.H. Benedict: An English muffin topped with “Made from Scratch” corn-beef hash, 2 poached eggs & hollandaise served with hash browns. 10s, two thumbs up, 5 stars, this is the best hash I’ve ever had and to mix it in with eggs benedict was a perfect combo. If you can name a place around Philly you think could compare let me know cause I would like to try it out.  

In second place came the CBH Scramble: Pecan-smoked chunky corned beef hash served over hash browns topped with scrambled eggs and cheddar. Almost the same thing as the former minus the hollandaise sauce, I’m telling you this hash here is great.

Some honorable mentions below. Our good friend Sean and his beautiful wife to be played it safe with a pancake, sausage patty, & egg meal and an oatmeal topped with raisins and a side of grapefruit.