Maybe not the first thing you would think about when looking for breakfast but you would be pleasantly surprised at some of these below pick.  Of course starting your day off with an alcoholic beverage is not recommended if planning a productive day.  But we all encounter the long holiday weekend with at least one free day or a vacation or even time spent with some family members and we just need to take the edge off.  So when a Bloody Mary is not your thing or not available I recommend one of these.

GUINNESS – Draught 

This would be my personal favorite.  Slightly thick and tasty as to resemble a hardy breakfast.  unmistakably GUINNESS® beer, stout, or draught , from the first velvet sip to the last, lingering drop. And every deep-dark satisfying mouthful in between.
Pure beauty. Pure GUINNESS®.

Troges – Dreamweaver

Troegs Dreamweaver WheatBy popular demand…… well 2 people, the only 2 people to give me a reply to my question of what beer people would drink for breakfast.  Troges Dreamweaver, a combination of four wheat types with Munich and Pils malts, noble Saaz hops, and a yeast strain that imparts a spicy, peppery, clove taste with a slight hint of bananas, Dreamweaver Wheat is an unfiltered blast of spicy, mouth-watering joy.

More to be added soon but I need your help!  Comment below on some beers you think would be great for breakfast……


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