How many times have you said you were going to start eating better just to find your face stuffed with sticky buns?  It’s nice to know I’m not the only one, but it’s not our fault.  Sometimes the temptation of what we’ve sworn off is too much to bear.  But here are two techniques that I use to help me follow through with my New Years/March/Memorial Day/6 Month/Post Thanksgiving resolution. 

In order to follow through with our pledge to be better we must first COMMIT to the goal.  To commit we must decide and then constantly remind ourselves, by any means, why we are doing it.

I have a tough time doing things in moderation; I’m either all in or not at all.  I wanted to eat less meat, so I gave it up for a year.  I wanted to get my degree and play a sport in college, so I did 2 of each.  I wanted to figure out how to use social media, so I started a blog.  In order to do these things I have to make a commitment to myself to reach my goal which starts with the decision and is followed up with post it notes on my forehead.  So if I just say “well let’s try to eat better” I’m doomed to fail. 

The other technique is to eliminate (at least drastically limit) the temptation.

I’m notorious for giving away or throwing out pie, cake, candy and whatever else turns me into the Pillsbury dough boy.  Eliminating the temptation helps the will power.

One day, while on one of my half-assed diets (but doing well), a co-worker decided he was going to show his gratitude and reward our hard work by bringing in sticky buns. I was pissed! Why would somebody do this? ‘Great job Tony, run another 10 miles.’ How is that a reward?! I cursed him (he knows my diet and exercise regimen) and told him I wasn’t going to have any as he set it down behind me. The whole office proceeded to stuff face of the Fritz’s proclaimed “Best Sticky Buns” three feet from my nose.  Temptation? It didn’t take long before I caved and in typical Tony fashion (all in) I didn’t stop at the first half slice I initially cut for myself. There were, after all, two different kinds and I couldn’t let good food go to waste, right? 

How does somebody voluntarily inhale gloriously glazed, rich cream topped, cinnamon deliciousness while cursing the person who delivered them? ………….With a full mouth and sticky fingers.

Lack of commitment?  Yes.  Too much temptation?  Definitely.

Cheating never tasted so good  –

What’s your favorite sweet temptation? And where can I go to get it?


About breakfastjones

Just your everyday joe who adores many things in life especially my two beautiful children, amazing wife, & breakfast! I strive to live life fully and experience my greatest potential by challenging myself & pushing my limits. I am totally grateful for the love and support of my family & friends. Lets EAT!!!

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