Columbine Café – Off the Beaten Path

This will be the finale Breakfast Blog from Colorado. Our time here was well spent and I anticipate coming back very soon to indulge in everything great this beautiful place has to offer. Maybe you can come and join us in the fun.

So our finale breakfast, I would have to say, topped my list. About 10 minutes south of Frisco lays Breckenridge CO a cool town about a mile long filled with stores and restaurants sure to meet anyone’s delight. The town sits right at the base of a huge ski (in our case snowboarding) mountain with several very high peaks reaching over 10,000 feet above sea level. I’m always amazed how dominating the presence of these mountains are and how in just a few short chairlifts I’ll be at the top ready to jump off the peak.

BUT FIRST!!!! Of course we got to fill up the tank. Today we attempted to eat at the Salt Water Creek and I had already planned what I was to get – steak and eggs fit for a king. Too bad when we got there the heat was broken and we had to move on. Or not too bad………Columbine Café, right down the road and back in the ally at the sign.

Needless to say I was now totally thrown off and couldn’t decide what I wanted. I was really looking forward to that steak. So I opted for the next best thing, C.B.H. Benedict: An English muffin topped with “Made from Scratch” corn-beef hash, 2 poached eggs & hollandaise served with hash browns. 10s, two thumbs up, 5 stars, this is the best hash I’ve ever had and to mix it in with eggs benedict was a perfect combo. If you can name a place around Philly you think could compare let me know cause I would like to try it out.  

In second place came the CBH Scramble: Pecan-smoked chunky corned beef hash served over hash browns topped with scrambled eggs and cheddar. Almost the same thing as the former minus the hollandaise sauce, I’m telling you this hash here is great.

Some honorable mentions below. Our good friend Sean and his beautiful wife to be played it safe with a pancake, sausage patty, & egg meal and an oatmeal topped with raisins and a side of grapefruit.



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Just your everyday joe who adores many things in life especially my two beautiful children, amazing wife, & breakfast! I strive to live life fully and experience my greatest potential by challenging myself & pushing my limits. I am totally grateful for the love and support of my family & friends. Lets EAT!!!

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