A Bloody Cold Day Off

Welcome to our Double shot Tuesday here in Frisco, Co.  We’re piggybacking off last weeks Breakfast at the Log Cabin Cafe to set forth in a great expedition in the Rockies with its limb numbing temperatures.  The quest will require dedication and bravery which only legendary explorers have expressed.  The purpose; to find an answer to the most anticipated truth on every travelers mind who venture here…….

Who Has the Best BLOODY MARY?


Get the day started off right!  Early to rise and eager to dominate the challenge ahead……. “three Bloody Mary’s please,”  I requested.  The waitress seemed a bit taken back considering how early it was, but we were still on East Coast time and so to us it was like 10am.   Hell, its 5 o’clock somewhere, right?   Yemen maybe? 

Though I did thoroughly enjoy my Cajun Trout & Egg breakfast here but I have tobe honest the bloodies were lacking a desired taste.  A little bland, however, I did like the pickle and hot banana pepper toppings, two of my favorites on anything really.  With a little help from Ms. Cholula, Mr. Tabasco and a dash of pepper it was one down and ready for the next.


 The next stop, just a few doors down and across the street, at the Moose Jaw we were in for a real treat.  It turned out that our friend knew the cook, Dirty, seemed like a nice fellow. (I promise you that the reason we didn’t eat anything was that we just had breakfast, not because of the cooks name).  So, at the request of 3 more bloodies the bartender lit up with excitement and turned into a mad magician.  With her back turned we could only see ingredients flying through the air as she concocted her potion, of which I was not prepared.  The recipe was a secret, she explained, it’s the result of many years behind the bar and a hodgepodge of tips from former mentors of hers.  At first sip it was like no bloody I’ve ever had, distinct sweet and smokey flavors.  Then as she mentioned she has actually never had a bloody mary I began to identify some of the ingredients including A-1 sauce and tequilla.  I have to give it props for being different and I did enjoy it, although I probably would’ve just had one if we stayed (only so much A-1 I can drink).  Maybe I would’ve asked the cook to make me a martini.

BOAT YARD Pizzeria & Grill

Just look at that picture!  Chunky vegetable juice with horseradish you can chew on, seasoned/salted rim to follow-up each sip, and topped off with a meal.  One with Bacon, one with shrimp, and the other ordered with Gin.  They pre-make their own special bloody mix so it doesn’t take long for them to whip up this display of bloody perfection.  I do have to dock a point in the spice category as there wasn’t much kick, but nothing that couldn’t have been fixed with a little hot sauce.  As is, it did taste great, (our friend Janine’s favorite) and I would’ve stayed there drinking these all day in their pleasant dinning atmosphere but we were on a mission. 



OLLIE’S Pub & Grub

Three bloodies down for each of us and we were feeling good……strong, both mentally and physically, and confident in our abilities to take on the next challenge.  We’ve been lucky so far, but to get to this next stop we had to trek all the way to the other side of town (1 block).  Did I mention it’s unbearably cold out?  Finally, down a flight of stairs and around the back of the building we made it to Ollie’s.  Looks like it would be a cool hangout at night with large tv’s long bar and plenty of dinning seats. 

“What’ll it be?” asked the tender.  “3 bloodies,” I said shivering, “and make them HOT!”  He delivered.  The progression of the day was getting better and better.  We were feeling better and these were the best tasting bloodies yet, in my humble opinion.  No bells and whistles, just a straight up great tasting Bloody Mary.  I’ll make a note here that the spicy flavor edged it above the rest for me.  I like things a tad on the hot side.  With bloodies you have to get a good mix of seasoning for your salt palate, horseradish to flare your nostrils, and hot sauce to ignite your senses.  Bartender Josh got it right.


So now here is an awkward time to be in Frisco hunting down Bloody Marys.  A niche activity I agree but interesting non-the-less.  It’s between 2:30 – 3:00 and while standing in front of the Butterhorn Bakery, picking the icicles from my nose, we realized they had closed.  Makes sense but I am really disappointed we missed out on trying their bloody as their breakfast from the day before was great.  Maybe someone in the area (cough-J9) can stop by and write-up a comment on Butterhorn’s Bloodies.  Anyway, so we go to the next restaurant and they’re closed too, only they just didn’t open yet.  After a few more attempts and grabbing locked doors we discovered the ‘Frisco Bloody Dining Service Gap.’  Not that there isn’t anything open just no new places for us to try……. Then we round a corner and behold BACKCOUNTRY BREWERY.

It was a close call, our mission was almost catastrophically terminated by the FBDSG and tomorrow’s brave explorers of Frisco would have had no reference for their Bloody needs.  Luckily Backcountry was open for business.  The waiter was a little surprised to hear us all order bloodies, being we were at a brewery, but was quite confident after hearing our purpose that we would be well satisfied with their mix.  Most similar to the Boat Yard but a tad saltier and more spicy, my wife Ashley’s favorite of the day.  I love the fact they gave me a free sticker I could put on my snowboard but even better we came during happy hour.  Half off all drafts, so after discovering the best Bloody in Frisco I altered the mission to the best microbrew. : P

We may have visited another venue after this but I wouldn’t have remembered anything about it.

Alas our mission is complete and now the 4.5 visitors who will actually read this will have a better idea of were they might venture to and where they may avoid.


About breakfastjones

Just your everyday joe who adores many things in life especially my two beautiful children, amazing wife, & breakfast! I strive to live life fully and experience my greatest potential by challenging myself & pushing my limits. I am totally grateful for the love and support of my family & friends. Lets EAT!!!

2 Responses to “A Bloody Cold Day Off”

  1. GREAT rendition of our Bloody Cold day! I promise to make it to the Butterhorn for a Bloody and report back. 🙂 That was a fun day, but made work a bit hard to get through the next day! Love to you and the wife!

    • Awesome, I can’t wait to hear it! Just don’t tell your boss I’m putting you up to it.
      Normally I’d recommend V8 to cure the hanghover but that may not be wise after a day of bloodies. 😉

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