ButterHorn Bakery – Frisco, CO

CO 1st stop: Butterhorn Bakery & Café

I was super excited to get out and hit the slopes on our first day in Colorado but knew I wouldn’t last long if I didn’t get a big breakfast in first.  After talking to the locals and getting some recommendations it seemed that all fingers pointed at the Butterhorn Bakery.  Bakery? I thought. I wasn’t to keen on muffins for breakfast, I needed a hardy meal for the big day ahead…….and this place delivered. 

First off, the atmosphere was brilliant and the service was excellent.  All bright colors and smiles to get your day started off right.  And for the food…….


Tried Meals:

Our Coloradian friend opted for The Royal Scrambler.  Two eggs scrambled with cream cheese, mushrooms, onions, vine ripened tomato and green peppers.  Usually served with homemade toast however our friend is being troubled with gluten allergies.  Without even asking the waitress offered to add spinach to her meal at no extra cost.  A very nice gesture on their part and it added a flavorsome addition to the plate.  I would know, as I had the pleasure of polishing off what she couldn’t finish.

The wifey went with Eggs Butterhorn, the house platter of two poached eggs on freshly baked croissant with Canadian bacon and fresh avocado topped with unique red pepper sauce and served with home fries.  Simply WOW.  The mix of the mild spice from the pepper sauce with the creamy avocado and mouth-watering bacon made for a unique and delicious meal.  I can say that it’s the discovery of meals like this that fuel my enthusiasm for this blog.

For myself, I went with the Huevos Rancheros which is a popular dish here and not something you see very often back home.  It included refried beans atop a flour tortilla with eggs your way; spicy pepper jack cheese and homemade spicy green chili, served with guacamole, sour cream, salsa & home fries.  A medium spicy treat with obvious Mexican influence that I would definitely recommend.

A bakery or not, this restaurant knows how to put together a mean breakfast.  Over all our experience was great and I can’t wait to see what the town of Frisco has to offer to us tomorrow…..but first its time to conquer some snow-capped rocky mountains!


About breakfastjones

Just your everyday joe who adores many things in life especially my two beautiful children, amazing wife, & breakfast! I strive to live life fully and experience my greatest potential by challenging myself & pushing my limits. I am totally grateful for the love and support of my family & friends. Lets EAT!!!

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