The Veggie Omlete

A part of my intentions for this blog is to introduce different and interesting meals that you can use and enjoy.  I apologize for the short coming in creativity this week’s post has to offer, but my time is being absorbed by trying to figure out how this whole blog thing works.  You know, how  to use this blog and the relating social media, and programms,  and applications that go along with the effort of gaining readers/viewers.  Which is the main objective otherwise it would feel as though I’m talking to myself……..via blogging…… which deserves mocking.  Some of you know what I mean.         SO, I had to keep this weeks Breakfast simple, yet delicious.


Share with me what your favorite omelet is.  Different/interesting or not I would like to give it a whirl.    

I also realize that this is the second week in a row without any meat involved, and for the meatlovers I apologies.  But I’ve got some monstrous meat-lover meals that could give you a heart attack on the spot which I will be sharing soon, so stay posted.  


tony milone


I welcome your future ideas for meals, helpful comments for this blog and any questions you may have. Please Subscribe above to be notified of all the exciting breakfast events yet to come.



About breakfastjones

Just your everyday joe who adores many things in life especially my two beautiful children, amazing wife, & breakfast! I strive to live life fully and experience my greatest potential by challenging myself & pushing my limits. I am totally grateful for the love and support of my family & friends. Lets EAT!!!

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