PoP-EyE Breakfast

The night before, while strolling through the grocery store, I was unsure what my Breakfast Video Blog début would be.  Do I start off with a bang and create a huge feast fit for a king or keep it simple with bananas and cereal.  Although cereal is more along my capabilities I thought it would be more viewer friendly if I find a happy medium.  Then a tasty little idea struck me as I wondered through the veggie isles.

Open Faced Spinach Egg & Swiss


(my apologies for the sideways and low quality video – part of my learning curve I guess.  I promise to work on this. )


  • 1 Slice toasted buttered Dark German Whole Wheat Bread
  • 2 Eggs over-hard (or easy)
  • Hand full of sautéed Mushrooms and Spinach
  • 2 slices Swiss Cheese
  • 3 Slices Tomato
  • I hope you enjoy this helping of spinach greatness, a breakfast that even Pop-Eye would be proud of. 


    tony milone


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    About breakfastjones

    Just your everyday joe who adores many things in life especially my two beautiful children, amazing wife, & breakfast! I strive to live life fully and experience my greatest potential by challenging myself & pushing my limits. I am totally grateful for the love and support of my family & friends. Lets EAT!!!

    2 Responses to “PoP-EyE Breakfast”

    1. Recently, I have been experimenting with creamed chipped beef, also known as sh** on a shingle. Even though the majority of these tests have been conducted at 1am after a few rum and cokes in Conshohocken, I believe I have stumbled upon a great comfort/drunk food. More known as a hearty breakfast meal, SOS works quite well as a late night filler. Most recipes call for dried beef, however at 1am, that item is limited and really just a formality. We at the testing institute like to call the testing time “caveman mode” because the only decipherable communication comes in the form of grunts and pointing. But I digress. The traditional recipe is fairly simple to make. The sauce consists of butter, milk and flour whisked together until the desired consistency is met in a small pan over medium heat. Instead of dried beef, I have been boiling lean ground beef, then strained. The bottom layer of buttered toast or english muffins slightly darkened makes up the base of this. Now for the twist (we at the testing institute expect a nomination for the nobel prize for this break through). As a general rule of thumb, any meal tastes better with sunny side up eggs added. So you may think to ask how this can be accomplished without dirtying another pan. We at the institute have solved this dilemma. Poached eggs are a great breakfast meal in themselves, so using that same cooking method, we have stumbled upon this breakthrough. As your beef approaches the last minute of boiling, add 3-4 eggs to the water. Continue to boil only for a minute as to keep the yokes liquid and not hardened. Align your buttered toast on a plate. Then strain the water from your boiled meat and perfectly poached eggs. Top the toast with your meat/ egg mixture. Break yokes to smother the meat. Finally, add your creamy white sauce you have been cooking over low heat. Salt, pepper, garlic powder and enjoy.

      • Beautiful!!! This is what I’m talking about. Thank you so much for sharing Chef G. With comments like this I may have to recruit you to guest blog. I’ve never attempted to cook my own SOS though I am a big fan.
        I’m actually fluent in the cavemanian language (being related to M. Ballz) and if the Conchy School of Culinary Arts Institute of Higher Eating needs translation assistance do let me know.
        Keep’em coming.

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