Welcome to Breakfastjones.com, where we (that means you too) get to Share the Best Things Breakfast.

What’s for breakfast? Where is breakfast? Who’s breakfast with? And any experiments/recommendations of recipes, drinks, and anything related.  Check out the Recipes, Bloody Marys, and Hot Sauce Pages (all under construction) to find some great helpful blogs from all kinds of food lovers.   If you just have a quick meal or drink to share, post it to the CrowdShare Page (also under construction) and see what others are having. 

This is a community of sharing, so drink your coffee and post, tweet, email, roll, link, comment, shout, scream whatever.  Just know that you’re not alone, there is a whole world of Breakfastjoneses out there! 

To great food, great people, trying to eat healthy but always eating hungry – Enjoy!


 tony milone 

aka The BreakfastJones



What is breakfastjones?


( brāk fäst joʊn s )


breakfastjones (plural breakfastjoneses)

  1. (slang) An addiction or intense craving for the first meal of the day, usually eaten in the morning.

example:   “Every morning I get a breakfastjones around 8 o’clock.”

  1. A person or animal that is addicted to, has a love for, or eats breakfast more often than just in the morning. 
  2. One who believes they have an infinite spiritual connection with foods relating to breakfast.

example:   “That Tony Milone is such a Breakfastjones.”


breakfastjones (third-person singular simple present breakfastjoneses, present participle breakfastjonesing, simple past and past participle breakfastjonesed)

  1. (slang) Have an intense craving for breakfast.

example:   “I’m breakfastjonesing for a bagel with cream cheese and a bloody mary.”

Are you a Breakfastjones?  How do you know?

The moment of my epiphany…..

After more than 12 hours of fasting I was anticipating my next meal.  I already ordered my usual three eggs over easy, ham, scrapple, and country home fries.  I was now sitting patiently, zoned in and calculating every move of the cooking staff.  Everything around me was in slow motion and completely silent.  Including my wife who was trying to have a conversation, but at this moment all my senses were focused.  Groans began from my stomach and with my mouth salivating I began to get fidgety.  But I stayed disciplined waiting to strike my prey, like a ravenous Lion, stalking low in the grass, waiting for the right moment to pounce a meaty antelope.   Licking my chops, I visualized the feast I was about to embark on.    The waitress lifted a couple of platters from the counter and started to head towards us, finally, there it was hovering inches from my face.  I could hardly resist devouring it before it hit the table so if this waitress said another word before putting my food down her arm was to be a complimentary side dish to my meal! 

Maybe you call it primal instincts of survival….I call it love.  BREAKFAST –  The much-anticipated moment everyday where after fasting for hours I can finally sink my teeth into some good eats. 

Hoever, breakfast is more than just the next meal to satisfy our hunger craving.  It’s a time to share our likes and dislikes, new and interesting foods, reflect on our health (maybe I should stop eating scrapple) and what the day has to bring.  It is a time to be with family and friends and share our personal experiences with each other. 

What’s your story?

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